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 Holy Dark
Holy Dark: Angels of Dogma
the fanlisting for Loki, Bartleby, Medatron, ect., Angels from the Kevin Smith film, Dogma.

 Called To Serve
Called To Serve: Bethany Sloane
the fanlisting for Bethany Sloane, The Last Zion from the movie Dogma.

 Skin Deep
Skin Deep: Bonnie
the fanlisting for Bonnie, shallow, malicious burn-victem-slash-witch from the cult hit The Craft.

Pathetic: Chris Hooker
the fanlisting for asshole with a heart of gold, Chris Hooker, from the cult hit The Craft.

 Junior Pinhead
Junior Pinhead: Jerry Shaw
the fanlisting for Jerry Damon Shaw, unlikely hero from 2008's blockbuster Eagle Eye.

 Boy Next Door
Boy Next Door: Kale Brecht
is the physical fanlisting for Kale Brecht of Disturbia fame.

 La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose: Lily Luster
is the fanlisting for the lovely and angelic bird woman, Lily Luster who was played so beautifully by Megan Fox in the tragic noir film Passion Play.

Indpendant: Marion Ravenwood
is the fanlisting for warm, funny and irrepressibly head strong Marion Ravenwood from the Indiana Jones film franchise.

 Chivalry is Not Dead
Chivalry is Not Dead: Matt Donovan / Matt Honeycutt
is the fanlisting for The Vampire Diaries character, Matt Donovan.

Junior: Mutt Williams / Henry Jones III
the fanlisting for Indy Junior himself, Henry Jones III aka Mutt Williams from 2008's blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

 Tricks Are For Kids
Tricks Are For Kids: Nancy Downs
the fanlisting for psycopathic, sympathetic and tragic witch Nancy Downs from the cult hit The Craft.

 No More Drama
No More Drama: Rochelle
the fanlisting for Rochelle, most under-sung member of The Circle in the cult hit The Craft.

 Follow the Spideres
Follow the Spideres: Ron Weasley
is the Movielisting for Ron Weasley from the film and novel series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

 Disturbing Behavior
Disturbing Behavior: Sarah Bailey
the fanlisting for Sarah Bailey, heroine-slash-brat from the cult hit film The Craft.

 Fear the Reaper
Fear the Reaper: Sawaguchi Kanae
the fanlisting for Sawaguchi Kanae, the tragic middle school student/Sadako victem who began her own curse in Ringu 2.

 Frolic in Brine
Frolic in Brine: Yamamura Sadako
is the fanlisting for Yamamura Sadako of the Ringu franchise.

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