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 Smoke Rises
Smoke Rises: BtVS S07x13 'Dirty Girls'
is the fanlisting for the season 07, episode 18, "Dirty Girls" which marked Faith's return to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

 Blind Love
Blind Love: Buffy S02xE19 I Only Have Eyes For You
is the fanlisting for the 19th episode of Buffy's second season entitled, 'I Only Have Eyes For You'.

Slayerfest: Buffy S03xE05 Homecoming
is the fanlisting for the 5th episode of Buffy's 3rd season entitled, "Homecoming".

 Already Met You
Already Met You: Teachers Pet
The fanlisting for Buffy season 1 episode, Teacher's Pet.

 Above The Chimneytops
Above The Chimneytops: The Belonging Episode Fanlisting (AtS)
The fanlisting for the Angel the Series episode "Belonging".

Avant-Garde: The Puppet Show
The fanisting for Buffy the Vampire Slayer first season episode, The Puppet Show.

 Chick Fight
Chick Fight: What's My Line Part 01
The fanlisting for Buffy season 2 episode, What's My Line Party 01.

 Black Medicine
Black Medicine: What's My Line Part 02
The fanlisting for Buffy season 2 episode, Whats My Line Part 02.

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