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Superstar: Alvin Seville
is the Fanlisting for the self proclaimed greatest rockstar to ever live, Alvin Seville, bain of the world's existance and headline of The Chipmunks.

 Material Girl
Material Girl: Brittany Miller
is the fanlisting for the ultrafabulous front woman of the Chipette's, Brittany Miller.

 Defense Mode
Defense Mode: Invader Zim
is the fanlisting for Jhonen Vasquez inspired creation, Invader Zim.

 A Step Behind
A Step Behind: Jeanette Miller
is the fanlisting for Alvin and the Chipmunks character, and singer/sibling of The Chippettes, Jeanette Miller.

 The  Dr. Girlfriend Fanlisting
The Dr. Girlfriend Fanlisting: The Dr. Girlfriend Fanlisting

 The  Dr. Venture Fanlisting
The Dr. Venture Fanlisting: The Dr. Venture Fanlisting

 The  Monarch Fanlisting
The Monarch Fanlisting: The Monarch Fanlisting

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