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The Fanlisting

Frolic in Brine is a mistranslation of a warning in the film that seems like garbled gibberish. According to TVTropes the actual translation is, 'If you keep on doing Shomon, Bokon will come.' which, in my opinion, is far more terrifying. I chose Frolic in Brine as the name because, while mistranslated, it's also widely associated with Ringu and Sadako. Plus, I just think it's neat. ;)

Sadako (Warning: Spoilers)

Yamamura Sadako is one of the most tragic ghosts exported from a country who's horror industry is run on tragic ghosts. She was murdered, horribly, and now seeks revenge on anyone who watches a cursed video/VHS tape. Not so much a ghost or a haunting as a curse, herself, Sadako gives you one week from the moment you finish her video tape to the moment you die and, in a move that acts more like a virus than a curse, your only chance at survival is to copy the tape and find someone else who will watch it. In this way it spreads like wildfire.